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Wheelchair on the Beach

Our Future

Equality Care and Support Services aims to provide free services for individuals in need. Here are some of the bigger projects we are working towards.

Lotus Position

Free Yoga

Yoga is a great way to connect to the body, mind and spirit. We are oganising free yoga groups hosted at local parks for all members of the community.

Breakfast Club

Food is essential for all of us. We want to host Breakfast Clubs for individuals looking for a bite to eat and a sense of community. 

Kids Food Truck
Counseling Group

Free Counselling

In a world of growing Mental Health crisis, the need for support is crucial. We envision providing free one-on-one  and group counselling support for everyone. 

Youth Homeless Centre

Along with a Mental Health Crisis, more youth are being forced into homelessness in Australia. At our centre, we want to fulfil essential shelter needs for at risk and currently homeless young people to support them in having a better future.  

Child Carrying Vegetables
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