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Discover the stories of satisfaction and success from our valued clients. See how our services have made a positive impact on their lives and what these happy customers have to say about us!


"I’ve had experiences with other companies that treat you bad and push their own beliefs. I was bored doing nothing at home and had workers who were nasty and talked badly about me. I wanted happy workers that know how to look after me. 


Now that I’m with ECSS, I have more independence and fun in my life. I can go out of my home, get my nails and eyelashes done, talk about good things, do activities that I love and have fun. 

I have gorgeous support workers that are fun, cheerful, switched on and loveable to be with. I don’t know what I would be without ECSS. I finally have people I can trust to look after me. "


"ECSS has been able to give me the break that I need in life. I am a full time carer and have turned down activities that I want to do to look after my loved one. It can be tiring and leaves me worn out. Other companies have been wishy washy, not turning up and acting odd. You are different because you’re all a good bunch of people. You give me freedom and peace of mind; that is very important to me. "


"I’ve wanted to work on my communication, cooking, woodworking and sewing. This company has made me happiest when getting involved in the activities that we do. I’ve achieved progression in these areas which I’m happy with. I would recommend ECSS because they offer a good service in the activities that they run. I can come to them easily if a change is needed and I’m happy with their services."

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