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This page contains information about the values we hold close and the ways in which we work today. Equality Care and Support Services is passionate about supporting individuals in reaching a greater quality of life and will do anything we can to help them achieve that.

Our Values

All individuals deserve to have a say in their own lives, the right to equal treatment and the support to make lasting changes. These are the values we operate by to make this a reality for those living with a disability. 




Integrity and Honesty



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Choice and Control




Holistic Practice

How we operate

How We Operate

There are many ways in which we work to deliver the best Health Care possible. Here is an outline of who we are and how we work with our participants. 

Experience and Expertise

  • ECSS was established in 2019 with 25 years of prior experience in the Health Care field. Because of this, the organisation has  developed a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by individuals living with a disability. This experience helps us to tailor our services and meet the diverse needs of our participants.

Supported Decision Making

  • The Supported Decision Making Policy was created by the NDIS to protect the rights of participants when making decisions about their lives. The policy guides support workers to empower clients, develop skills and build knowledge on supported decision making so that people living with a disability can exercise their right to make decisions. We hold this policy close in our values and use it in our practice. 

Personalised Activities

  • At ECSS, we want our participants to do what they love every day. This is why we get to know our participants and foster their creativity through positive social interactions and a supportive environment. For example, we offer activities such as Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Sewing, Wood Working, Yoga & Exercise, Fishing, Computer Classes and more. These activities are available to all our NDIS participants.

Flexibility and Accessibility

  • Our commitment to providing services across all ages, stages, and needs ensures that individuals with disabilities can access the support they require when they need it. This level of flexibility is essential for accomodating to all needs of our clients, as every person is different and requires individualised care. We aim to make all of our services and deliveries accessible to everyone, so please reach out to us if you have any specific requests.

Human Rights Focus

  • Prioritising human rights is a critical aspect of providing care and support. We are Registered with the NDIS and uphold the ethical and legal requirements of the NDIS Commission in regards to the rights of participants. 

Holistic Approach

  • Every one requires support in all areas of life to achieve wellbeing. At ECSS, we understand that comprehensive support is key for a healthy and happy life. We make sure to consider the different dimensions of wellbeing (social, emotional, environmental etc) and work with participants to improve health outcomes.

Determining Root Causes

  • Identifying the reasons behind challenging behaviours is a crucial step in developing effective support strategies. When working with participants, we look deeper than the behaviours presented and work together to manage and improve the broader factors that may be contributing to current circumstances. This deeper look allows for more targeted and personalised interventions.

Translating Services

  • We have interpreting services available for Greek, Albanian, Tamil and Slavic. Please contact us for more information. 

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